What is a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery?

The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) is a rechargeable battery that employs vanadium ions to store chemical potential energy to exploit the ability of vanadium to exist in solution with one electroactive element in four different oxidation states. The battery charges from electrical sources like wind, solar, or the electrical grid and discharges energy as needed to support a building's power load. The battery helps buildings reduce utility charges by storing energy at off-peak times and using the power during peak times.

How much savings can a building expect?

Buildings can save over 50% on their monthly electric bills, depending on the rates the utility charges for demand (kW) and energy (kWh).

How soon will I see the savings?

You will see savings on your first month's electric bill after VanCharg™ is installed.

Can Ashlawn's VanCharg™ battery reduce my building's greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)?

Yes! The battery reduces and offsets a building's GHG emissions by 34 metric tons (MT) of CO2 annually for each 10 kW battery employed. For example, a small 10 kW battery reduces emissions by 34 MT of CO2, a 20 kW battery by 68 MT, and so on.

Does VanCharg™ help my building reduce greenhouse gas emissions under New York City Local Law 97?

Yes! Based on New York City's benchmarking of building CO2 emissions, the city will start fining buildings 25,000 square feet and larger for non-compliance starting in 2024. Compliance with LL97 is implemented in phases between 2024 and 2035.

How can I estimate my building's CO2 emissions and potential exposure for fines?

First, check your building's information using the Building Energy Exchange's calculator. To find your building, click on the 'Load' button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Then you can use the defaults or type in your building's information if you have it. The calculator estimates your building's CO2 emissions and any estimated future fines to assist you in your planning.

My building is in New York state outside of New York City. What greenhouse gas emissions regulations apply?

New York state is currently developing regulations under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), signed into law on July 18, 2019. CLCPA is expected to have similar goals and regulations as LL97.

How large of a building can a VanCharg™ battery support?

There is no limit to the size building VanCharg™ can support. The battery is sized based on the amount of energy needed to reduce the on-peak power load. The battery is best suited to low-rise buildings such as multi-family and commercial office buildings and small industrial customers.

Are VanCharg™ Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries safe?

Yes! Unlike lithium ion batteries which are known fire and explosion hazards, VanCharg™ batteries are water-based and will not catch fire or explode.

How much does VanCharg™ cost the building?

Ashlawn Energy, LLC will install VanCharg™ at no cost to the building. By taking advantage of utility and government incentive payments, we are able to offer the battery at no charge.