Benefits of Our Technology


Reduce emissions

For each 10 kW VanChargTM battery employed, Ashlawn Energy, LLC can cut a building's annual emissions by 34 metric tons of CO2

Comply with NYC Local Law 97

Our battery solution can save building owners thousands of dollars

Reduce Utility Demand Charges

Buildings can save over 50% on their monthly electric bills with a VanChargTM system

Ensure Safety in Your Building

Unlike lithium ion batteries, VanChargTM batteries will not catch fire or explode

Invest with No Upfront Cost

Ashlawn Energy, LLC takes advantage of utility and government incentive payments, allowing us to install our battery at no charge to building owners

How will Local Law 97 impact your building?

Use the LL97 Carbon Emissions Calculator to estimate your building's carbon penalty as a result of NYC LL97

Be part of the future of energy in NYC

To employ ambitious climate change solutions, New York City will begin charging fines on buildings that are 25,000 square feet or larger for noncompliance with Local Law 97's carbon reduction targets in 2024. New York state is developing similar regulations.

Our VanChargTM battery enables emissions targets to be met while creatings savings for building owners not only in fines, but in utility costs, too. Contact us today to learn more about our rechargeable batteries for sale.